Card & (Your) Cuppa for Children

This is the ‘lockdown’ and socially distanced version of our popular Card & Cuppa for Children sessions. As I can’t currently run these face-to-face, and didn’t want the children to miss out, these classes will be ZOOM sessions.

To find out more about how these would normally run, click here.
Please note that the previous projects from face-to-face classes contain stamped images. Due to Stampin’ Up! rules, I am unable to send stamped images in the class kits, so the items will be punched shapes, die-cut shapes, embellishments etc to create a project.

Wednesdays – 29th July, 5th August, 12th August, 19th August & 26th August, 28th October.

Check the Class Timetable for dates and to book your place (please read the IMPORTANT INFORMATION below BEFORE booking).

Time: 10:30-12:00

Class Fee: £5.50 (an additional child in same household is an extra £3.50)
Includes all the items needed to complete the card/project and tuition. A pack of materials will be posted out in advance.
You’ll need to provide scissors, glue and assist the child/children while they are crafting.
Due to Stampin’ Up! regulations, I am unable to provide any stamped designs in the kits. Therefore, if you wish to add stamping to the projects afterwards, you will need to provide your own, plus inks.

ALL children must be 4+ and accompanied by a responsible adult in the same location as them on the ZOOM session. Please see IMPORTANT INFORMATION below.
Places are limited.

Karen has an Enhanced DBS

Due to these classes being with children online, I need to take extra safeguarding considerations, whilst allowing those who would normally bring a child/children to a regular Card & Cuppa for Children session to be involved.
The sessions are designed as a safe space for the children to craft, learn and have fun.
With this in mind, please note the following additional IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding requirements and rules, BEFORE booking a place.

Check the Class Timetable for dates and to book your place.


  • The child/children (maximum of 2 children per adult) must be booked onto the class by the responsible adult who will be accompanying them in the same location as them on the ZOOM session.
  • The responsible adult MUST join from the same ZOOM window as the child/children.
  • An email address for the responsible adult must be provided at time of booking
  • The name of the child/children must be provided at time of booking
  • An address to send the class pack to must be provided at time of booking
  • Booking and payment must be received by the dates provided (to allow time for packs to be prepared and posted)
  • Payment must be by BACS/Online
  • Class packs will be posted (UK mainland only)
  • A maximum of ONE additional ZOOM window per household the child is/children are from will be allowed to attend the session (this could be the grandparent etc who would normally bring the child/children to Card & Cuppa for Children)
  • The email address for the additional window must be provided at the time of booking
  • An email containing the link to the ZOOM session will be sent to the responsible adult (plus any additional named adult) – this email MUST NOT be forwarded onto anyone else
  • The Host reserves the remove the additional window option at any time
  • The responsible adult MUST accompany the child on the session at all times
  • For the safety of the children on the session, NO recording (voice/filming/photographs etc) of the ZOOM session (directly or indirectly) is allowed
  • The Host may mute or stop displaying any window at any time
  • No inappropriate behaviour is allowed on the session (recording, bad language, gestures, inappropriate items in the background, ignoring the host requests etc)
  • The Host has the right to remove anyone displaying inappropriate behaviour from the session. They may also not be allowed back into that session and may be banned from attending future sessions
  • Due to the number of potential attendees for a session, places will be limited to allow the children to craft
  • Please respect that these sessions are specifically for the children. They are designed as a safe space for them to craft, learn and have fun.

Please ensure that anyone you are adding as an additional ZOOM window participant is made aware of this IMPORTANT INFORMATION.

By booking a place, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood this additional IMPORTANT INFORMATION section.