Nail Appointment FAQ

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What do I need to do in advance?
Before Karen arrives, make sure your hands/feet are clean and that your nails are free from any polish or enhancements applied by another nail technician.

If Karen applied the polish requiring removal, some removals are part of your treatment. See each treatment for details of what is included.

What do I need to provide?
For manicures, the edge of a clean table is fine with two dining chairs – one for you and one for Karen.

For pedicures, a comfy chair for you to sit on, especially if you are having a foot soak as part of your treatment. Karen will bring a chair for her own use for pedicure treatments.

If you are having a foot soak as part of your service, you’ll need to provide warm water to fill the foot bath and somewhere to empty it afterwards. The liners Karen uses for pedicure foot soak treatments can go in your clear recycling bag so will be left with you for disposal after the treatment.

Karen brings an additional lamp, plus gel polish treatments require the use of an LED lamp, so access to a plug socket/s close to the manicure table/pedicure chair is required for these.

Karen provides table coverings, floor coverings, towels and all the items needed to perform the treatment.

Avoid locations such as conservatories, or areas where sunlight streams through the window. As gel polish cures using UV, we need to ensure that that polish doesn’t suffer any adverse effects while it is being applied.

What about my children/pets?
Karen loves animals and is more than happy to fuss pets if time allows at the end.

However, during the treatment, please ensure that children and pets are kept away from the treatment area. This is for Health and Safety reasons and insurance purposes.

As the treatment is supposed to be relaxing for you and allow to switch off for a short while.  Please avoid all potential distractions, including mobile phones (especially during manicures).

Can I play music?
If it helps you to relax, then that is absolutely fine. Karen won’t judge your choice in music!

How old do I have to be to have treatments?
16 is the minimum age for ALL treatments. NO exceptions. This is for insurance purposes.

Do I have to complete any paperwork?
Yes. When you book online, you will be sent an email with a link for you to complete an online Consultation form. You will need to complete this fully, listing your details, along with any medical issues or allergies in advance of your appointment.

Your treatment cannot go ahead if you have not completed this form. Also, it is important to note any medical issues etc as your treatment may need to be amended accordingly.

It will also ask your permission to use pictures of your finished treatments on their nail social media accounts.

You will need to advise Karen of any changes to your details in advance of your appointment.

At future appointments, you will be asked to advise of any changes to the details you have previously provided.

Are there reasons why I wouldn’t be able to have my booked treatment?
Yes. Certain issues such as Athletes Foot, Fungal Nail infections, ingrowing toenails, skin infections, warts, open wounds that cannot be covered etc are all reasons why your treatment will not be able to go ahead. You will need to see a Doctor to deal with these.

This is for your own safety as well as Karen’s and to avoid cross contamination. This is also for insurance purposes.

If you do have any of these issues, please don’t book an appointment until it has been properly treated and given the all clear from a Doctor. If Karen turns up to you and cannot complete a treatment due to these types of conditions, you will be charged the full appointment fee.

How do you keep your tools and work area clean?
Hygiene is of absolute importance during your treatment. Hence the requirement for you to disclose any issues, and to keep children and pets away from the treatment area.

Both Karen’s hands and your hands/feet are sprayed with a hygiene spray at the start of your treatment. Karen will also wear nitrile gloves for some treatments.

All tools are disinfected or sanitised after each client. Brushes used for Cuticle Remover, Cuticle Oil, polish clean up around the nails, glitter, nail art etc are also cleaned after each client.

Orangewood sticks, lint wipes, cotton wool pads, tissues, pedicure bowl liner etc are one use only and obviously thrown away at the end of each client. Towels are washed (min 40 degrees C) after each client.

Although files can be re-used after being sanitised with hygiene spray, Karen uses a new set on each client. Please ask if you would like to keep your files at the end of your treatment.

Can I choose my colour(s) in advance?
Yes. For iLac services, an email will be sent to you asking to complete an online colour choice form.

You can check which colours Karen has available in advance of your treatments by checking HERE for INK Colours.

If a colour is not currently in Karen’s collection you will need to complete the form at least 3 working days in advance so that the colour(s) can be ordered in for you.

Do I have to pay a booking fee?
Yes. As a small business, Karen will need to take a booking fee of 50% for each treatment to secure your booking.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes. As a small business, those who cancel appointments at short notice have a really big impact. This is why Karen has a cancellation policy.

If you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment, you will be liable for 50% of the treatment fee.

Do you have a privacy policy?
Yes. As a small business, we respect your personal data and will only contact you regarding the appointments you have booked. Read our privacy policy in more detail.