INK Colours

from everyday elegance to edgy and expressive. Nails by Karen at HIPPOFROG Designs

All of the available INK London colours in the iLac – Gel and xLac – one-step gel ranges are pictured below. There are currently over 150 colours!

Put your mouse over each picture to see a description and if the colour is available in iLac, xLac or both.

I also have glitters available too.

If there is a colour you would like for your treatment that I don’t currently have, please get in touch at least 3 working days before your appointment so that I can order it in for you.

iLac Gel Polish (In my collection)
in numerical order

i-10: Orange Pearl (No matching xLac available)i-12: Tequila Sunrise (Matching xLac available - Tequila Sunrise)i-16: Classic Red (Matching xLac available - Classic Red)i-23: Neon Green (No matching xLac available)i-27: Pastel Blue (Matching xLac available - Pastel Blue)i-30: Blue Jazz (Matching xLac available - Blue Jazz)i-34: Metallic Mink (No matching xLac available)i-38: Purple Glitter (Matching xLac available - Purple Glitter)i-41: Ultraviolet (No matching xLac available)i-42: Soft Nude (Matching xLac available - Soft Nude)i-43: Nude Pastel (No matching xLac available)i-44: Naughty Nude (No matching xLac available)i-45: Coppa Mocha (No matching xLac available)i-46: Incognito (No matching xLac available)i-51: Dark Noir (Matching xLac available - Dark Noir)i-66: Natural Perfection (No matching xLac available)i-78: Ice Princess (No matching xLac available)i-79: Blue Blood (Matching xLac available - Blue Blood)i-92: Light French Pink (No matching xLac available)i-95: Who shot JR? (No matching xLac available)i-104: Hubbabubbalicious (No matching xLac available)i-105: Tropical Tango (No matching xLac available)i-106: Caribbean Queen (No matching xLac available)i-107: Crushed Candy (No matching xLac available)i-108: Russet Rouge (No matching xLac available)i-111: Bananarama (No matching xLac available)i-112: Agadoo (No matching xLac available)i-113: Flashdance (No matching xLac available)i-114: All Night Long (No matching xLac available)i-115: Electric Boogie (No matching xLac available)i-116: Wig Wam Bam (No matching xLac available)i-129: Oceanic Pearl (No matching xLac available)i-136: Purple Heart (No matching xLac available)i-137: GI Jayne (No matching xLac available)i-138: Cute Camo (No matching xLac available)i-139: Pistols at Dawn (No matching xLac available)i-140: Air Force One (No matching xLac available)i-148: Lady in Red (No matching xLac available)i-155: Comeback Green (No matching xLac available)i-156: Retort White (No matching xLac available)i-157: Sassy Yellow (No matching xLac available)i-158: Quarrel Coral (No matching xLac available)i-159: Backchat Blue (No matching xLac available)i-160: Shangri-La (No matching xLac available)i-161: Asgard (No matching xLac available)i-162: Narnia (No matching xLac available)i-163: Utopia (No matching xLac available)i-164: Eden (No matching xLac available)i-165: Nirvana (No matching xLac available)i-166: Elysium (No matching xLac available)i-167: Wackadoo (No matching xLac available)i-168: Lone Wolf (No matching xLac available)i-169: Maverick (No matching xLac available)i-170: Eccentric (No matching xLac available)

xLac One-Step Gel Polish (In my collection)
in name order

Antique Glitter Gold (Matching iLac available - i-60: Antique Glitter Gold)Baby Blue (No matching iLac available)Bloodhound (Matching iLac available - i-96: Bloodhound)Blue Blood (Matching iLac available - i-79: Blue Blood)Blue Jazz (Matching iLac available - i-30: Blue Jazz)Buffed Brut (Matching iLac available - i-141: Buffed Brut)Cairnmoor (Matching iLac available - i-102: Cairnmoor)Chic Shadow (No matching iLac available)Claret (Matching iLac available - i-40: Claret)Classic Red (Matching iLac available - i-16: Classic Red)Cloudy Purple (Matching iLac available - i-36: Cloudy Purple)Dark Coral (Matching iLac available - i-5: Dark Coral)Dark Diamonds (Matching iLac available - i-149: Dark Diamonds)Dark Noir (Matching iLac available - i-51: Dark Noir)Elephant In The Room (Matching iLac available - i-68: Elephant In The Room)Fuscia (Matching iLac available - i-33: Fuscia)Glitterati Silver (Matching iLac available - i-58: Glitterati Silver)Holiday Colour (No matching iLac available)INK&CO (Matching iLac available - i-74: INK&CO)Lustful Lucifer (Matching iLac available - i-134: Lustful Lucifer)Midnight Emerald (Matching iLac available - i-25: Midnight Emerald)Ocean Breeze (Matching iLac available - i-64: Ocean Breeze)Pastel Blue (Matching iLac available - i-27: Pastel Blue)Pink Suede (Matching iLac available - i-125: Pink Suede)Pistacchio (Matching iLac available - i-63: Pistazzio)Purple Glitter (Matching iLac available - i-38: Purple Glitter)Reddish (No matching iLac available)Salamanca (Matching iLac available - i-83: Salamanca)Simply Red (No matching iLac available)Snow White (Matching iLac available - i-54: Snow White)Soft Nude (Matching iLac available - i-42: Soft Nude)Soft Pastel Lilac (Matching iLac available - i-32: Ultra Soft Pastel Lilac)Sunshine Pastel (Matching iLac available - i-56: Sunshine Pastel)Tequila Sunrise (Matching iLac available - i-12: Tequila Sunrise)True Blood (Matching iLac available - i-19: True Blood)True Blue (Matching iLac available - i-84: True Blue)Uber Pink (Matching iLac available - i-87: Uber Pink)

iLac Gel Polish (Rest of Range – not in my collection)
in numerical order

i-1: French Pink (No matching xLac available)i-2: French Pink Pearl (No matching xLac available)i-3: Soft Pastel Pink (No matching xLac available)i-4: Bubblegum Pink (No matching xLac available)i-5: Dark Coral (Matching xLac available - Dark Coral)i-6: Pink Pearl (No matching xLac available)i-7: Neon Pink (No matching xLac available)i-8: Neon Extreme Pink (No matching xLac available)i-9: Proud (No matching xLac available)i-11: Neon Orange (No matching xLac available)i-13: Solar Pearl (No matching xLac available)i-14: Metallic Mars (No matching xLac available)i-15: Shimmer Red (No matching xLac available)i-17: Sweet Red (No matching xLac available)i-18: Metallic Scarlett (No matching xLac available)i-19: True Blood (Matching xLac available - True Blood)i-20: Raspberry Red (No matching xLac available)i-21: Blood Diamond (No matching xLac available)i-22: Neon Margarita (No matching xLac available)i-24: Pastel Green (No matching xLac available)i-25: Midnight Emerald (Matching xLac available - Midnight Emerald)i-26: Furious Green (No matching xLac available)i-28: Metallic Blue (No matching xLac available)i-29: Oceania (No matching xLac available)i-31: Royal (No matching xLac available)i-32: Ultra Soft Pastel Lilac (Matching xLac available - Soft Pastel Lilac)i-33: Fuscia (Matching xLac available - Fuscia)i-35: Violet Vibes (No matching xLac available)i-36: Cloudy Purple (Matching xLac available - Cloudy Purple)i-37: Lilac Pearl (No matching xLac available)i-39: Metallic Magento (No matching xLac available)i-40: Claret (Matching xLac available - Claret)i-47: Metallic Brown (No matching xLac available)i-48: Coca Cola Sparkle (No matching xLac available)i-49: Hot Chocolate (No matching xLac available)i-50: Sparkly Grey Lightning (No matching xLac available)i-52: Black Pearl (No matching xLac available)i-53: Soft French (No matching xLac available)i-54: Snow White (Matching xLac available - Snow White)i-55: Pearly White (No matching xLac available)i-56: Sunshine Pastel (Matching xLac available - Sunshine Pastel)i-57: Neon Yellow (No matching xLac available)i-58: Glitterati Silver (Matching xLac available - Glitterati Silver)i-59: All Gold Glitter (No matching xLac available)i-60: Antique Glitter Gold (Matching xLac available - Antique Glitter Gold)i-61: Just Juicy (No matching xLac available)i-62: Huckleberry (No matching xLac available)i-63: Pistazzio (Matching xLac available - Pistacchio)i-64: Ocean Breeze (Matching xLac available - Ocean Breeze)i-65: King Crab (No matching xLac available)i-67: Concrete Alibi (No matching xLac available)i-68: Elephant In The Room (Matching xLac available - Elephant In The Room)i-69: Razzmatazz (No matching xLac available)i-70: Jupiter (No matching xLac available)i-71: Frosted Ivy (No matching xLac available)i-72: Envious (No matching xLac available)i-73: Royale (No matching xLac available)i-74: INK&CO (Matching xLac available - INK&CO)i-75: OMG (No matching xLac available)i-76: Cocoa Sheen (No matching xLac available)i-77: Sparkling Sands (No matching xLac available)i-80: Grape Expectations (No matching xLac available)i-81: P-ink (No matching xLac available)i-83: Salamanca (Matching xLac available - Salamanca)i-84: True Blue (Matching xLac available - True Blue)i-85: Little Dove (No matching xLac available)i-86: Sol (No matching xLac available)i-87: Uber Pink (Matching xLac available - Uber Pink)i-88: Pinkesque (No matching xLac available)i-89: Turquoise (No matching xLac available)i-90: Peach Cobbler (No matching xLac available)i-91: Panda Blue (No matching xLac available)i-93: Iberian French (No matching xLac available)i-94: Chanters (No matching xLac available)i-96: Bloodhound (Matching xLac available - Bloodhound)i-97: Hola Lola (No matching xLac available)i-98: Party @ The Peach (No matching xLac available)i-99: Autumn P.Ink (No matching xLac available)i-100: Plumdamask (No matching xLac available)i-101: TropINKana (No matching xLac available)i-102: Cairnmoor (Matching xLac available - Cairnmoor)i-103: Kombat Khaki (No matching xLac available)i-109: Rose Quartz (No matching xLac available)i-110: Serenity (No matching xLac available)i-117: Lovingly Lilac (No matching xLac available)i-118: Emerald City (No matching xLac available)i-119: True Terracotta (No matching xLac available)i-120: Blue Lagoon (No matching xLac available)i-121: Give Me Gold (No matching xLac available)i-122: Watermelon Madness (No matching xLac available)i-123: Sparkling Shiraz (No matching xLac available)i-124: Petroleum Blue (No matching xLac available)i-125: Pink Suede (Matching xLac available - Pink Suede)i-127: English Mustard (No matching xLac available)i-128: Duck Egg (No matching xLac available)i-130: Purple Glaze (No matching xLac available)i-131: Candy Floss (No matching xLac available)i-132: Criminally Crimson (No matching xLac available)i-133: Dangerous Diablo (No matching xLac available)i-134: Lustful Lucifer (Matching xLac available - Lustful Lucifer)i-135: Fallen Fiend (No matching xLac available)i-141: Buffed Brut (Matching xLac available - Buffed Brut)i-142: Cristal Couture (No matching xLac available)i-143: Polished Prosecco (No matching xLac available)i-144: Va Va Veuve (No matching xLac available)i-145: Champagne Chic (No matching xLac available)i-146: Silver Sounds - Foil Effect (No matching xLac available)i-147: Golden Gala - Foil Effect (No matching xLac available)i-149: Dark Diamonds (Matching xLac available - Dark Diamonds)i-150: Funky Fuschia (No matching xLac available)i-151: Blazing Sunset (No matching xLac available)i-152: Summer Sorbet (No matching xLac available)i-153: Ardent Amethyst (No matching xLac available)i-154: Purple Persuasion (No matching xLac available)