Nail Ambassador

from everyday elegance to edgy and expressive. Nails by Karen at HIPPOFROG Designs

What is a HIPPOFROG Designs Nail Ambassador?
A Nail Ambassador is somebody who wants to have beautiful gel polish manicures at a reduced rate, and in return promotes my business. The manicures use my INK London products – colours, glitters and more.

Are my nails suitable?

You’ll need to have good healthy natural nails and look after them. No nail biters, skin pickers and no hangnails.

I’ll also need you to follow the aftercare advice I give you to keep your manicure in good condition (using cuticle oil, wearing gloves, no picking or trying to peel polish off etc).

Your nails are an advert for my business so it’s important you keep them looking great.

What will I need to do?

I’ll expect you to promote my business on social media and in person.

I don’t need you to undertake a huge marketing campaign for me, but liking and sharing my business page posts, checking into my business for your appointments, sharing pictures of your nails through your own nail selfies (nailfies) and linking to my Social Media accounts is a minimum requirement.

You’ll also be expected to carry a few of my business cards with you to hand out if someone asks about your nails.

Will I get a say on colours/designs?

I’ll want to try out new colours, products, designs and techniques, so you’ll need to be open-minded and in a role where there are no restrictions on what you can have on your nails.

I’m happy to work with you on colour choices/designs if there is something you’d really like to try, or to match the nails to an event you are attending (wedding etc.)

What about Social Media/pictures etc?

You’ll be happy to have pictures of your nails taken and shared on social media and for advertising purposes. I’ll be taking lots of pictures of your nails. I’ll expect you to share pictures of your nails on your own Social Media, linking in HIPPOFROG Designs too.

What is the commitment?

The commitment is for 3 months and will start from your first Nail Ambassador appointment date.

You will need to have your polish filed/soaked off and a new set applied every 2-3 weeks maximum.

Appointments may take longer than usual due to trialling new products, extra nail art, glitters etc, so I’ll need you to be able to set aside at least 2 hours for each appointment.

I’m running this scheme to promote my business and not for profit, so the commitment to this time frame is vital.

I only have a small number of Nail Ambassadors at any one time, so places are limited. Please only apply if you are able to commit to the various requirements.

Will I have to complete any paperwork?

If you’re successful, I’ll send you links to online forms from a system called Ovatu – the system I use to manage my bookings. You’ll need to complete a Nail Ambassador agreement form and also a health questionnaire. Once these are completed and verified, we can arrange your first Nail Ambassador appointment.

Where do the appointments take place?
I’m mobile so will come to you (Milton Keynes only). Your treatment will include nail file and shape, cuticle tidy, base coat, colour, any nail art, glitters etc, top coat(s) and cuticle oil.

See my Appointment FAQ for more details.

I want to be a Nail Ambassador, what do I do next?

If, you think you have the right nails and are able to commit to the time, aftercare, business promotion etc requirements, then please contact me for next steps (including payment and booking details).

Please remember that places are limited, so I may not be able to use you straight away.

I have some more questions

Please contact Karen for more information.