2021 Classes

Booking for my 2021 Classes is now OPEN.

Please see below for details of changes I’m making changes to my online classes.

These changes include revising the items I provide in class kits, moving booking deadlines and reviewing my pricing. I’m also look at trialling a couple of different options too.

These are all based on learnings from the online classes I’ve been running since the arrival of COVID-19 (see my most recent COVID-19 update). Thank you to those who responded to my request for feedback.

There are also some constraints, such as the Stampin’ Up! rules of not being able to include stamped images in class kits, and postage prices.

An explanation for these changes, and additional information on classes is listed below:


The costs of packaging, postage, technology (ZOOM) etc and my time preparing packs are barely being covered by the amount I would have been paying in venue fees, plus I need to try and earn an hourly rate that is at least the minimum wage!

That’s why you’ll see a change in what I’m providing.


Bookings for all EVENING classes will now close AT LEAST three weeks beforehand. As some people have experienced postal delays, this will allow payments to be collected, the correct number of products to be ordered, delivered to me, kits prepared and then posted onto you.

Card & (Your) Cuppa DAYTIME booking deadlines will continue to close TWO weeks beforehand.

All bookings close at 18:00 on the deadline date.

Please note, these dates may change due to holidays etc.


I’m going to continue running Card & (Your) Cuppa during the daytime, and hopefully the Children’s version during the school holidays too.

£5.50 per person

A ZOOM class where attendees make a pre-designed card.

The Class Kit includes all the items (cardstock, envelopes, embellishments etc), plus instruction (via Class ZOOM session or an email advising how to make the project after the class has taken place).

If you want to add your own sentiment, you’ll need to use your own stamp sets etc.


I’d love everyone to be stamping, so my evening classes are changing, with hopefully a more structured approach, along with more products in the kits.

from £20 per person (the class Stamp Set/Bundle/Catalogue Kit etc can be added for an additional fee)

Each month there will be a Stamp Set of the Month.
There will be a class associated with a Stamp Set/Bundle/Catalogue Kit. This item will be available to purchase as part of your class kit.

The SSOTM classes will include:
– The relevant Stamp Set/Bundle/Catalogue Kit etc the class is based on (additional fee applies)
– All items (cardstock, envelopes, etc to make 4 projects)
– 1/4 reel ribbon (approx 2.25 metres) or 2.5 metres Twine/Thread
– Full pack embellishments
– Instruction (via Class ZOOM session or link to short video on how to make the projects after class has taken place)
– Items and instructions on how to make 2 extra projects (in your own time)


If you’d prefer to use your own stamps, you can opt to attend the class as a SSOTM BYO option. You’ll be using your own stamps to re-create the pre-designed class projects.

The SSOTM BYO Class Kit option will include:
– All items (cardstock, envelopes, etc to make 4 projects)
– 1/4 reel ribbon (approx 2.25 metres) or 2.5 metres Twine/Thread
– 1/2 pack embellishments
– Instruction (via Class ZOOM session or link to short video on how to make the projects after class has taken place)

To make things easier for everyone, there will a colour scheme for each class too. This can be found on the details page for the class.


from £20 per person

A purely BYO Class (the format and kit is the same as the SSOTM BYO Option), using your own stamps to create the 4 projects.

The plan is for each class to have a theme and/or colour scheme etc to allow you to have everything ready in advance

Every other month – alternates with Card & (Your) Cuppa Catch-Up.


£16.50 per person

For those who can’t make the sessions on a Monday morning, or those wanting to make some of the projects again. I’m introducing a Card & (Your) Cuppa catch-up class every other month.

You’ll receive all the items (cardstock, envelopes etc), plus tuition to make 3 projects from recent Card & (Your) Cuppa Classes.

Every other month – alternates with BYO.


As we’re not crafting face-to-face, you’ll need to provide scissors and adhesive as a minimum.

For classes where you’ll be stamping, you’ll obviously need to provide stamps, blocks, inks etc.

For each class, details of the main items you’ll need to provide will be listed on the details page for the class.

Any additional items will be listed in the class ZOOM link email nearer the class date.


I’ve been sending out the number of Dimensionals and Glue Dots required for each project. As I’m sure you can appreciate, this has been rather fiddly and time consuming.

For 2021 classes, you will need to provide all your own adhesives. This will allow me to spend more time designing projects for you to create, rather than packing kits.

As always, adhesives are available to purchase from my Glue Store. Contact me for full details.


I work out my evening class pricing based on a minimum of 4 attendees. Therefore, at least 4 attendees are required for evening classes to proceed and make them a viable option.

As much as I’d love to run classes for everyone who books, it’s just not sustainable (see ‘Possible Trials’ section).


CARD & (YOUR) CUPPA will continue weekly on a Monday morning. Booking deadline is 2 weeks beforehand
1.5 hour class (10:30-12:00)

STAMP SET OF THE MONTH – 2nd Wednesday of each month. Booking deadline is 4 weeks beforehand
2.75 hour class (19:00-21:45)

BYO/CARD & (YOUR) CUPPA CATCH-UP – alternating on 4th Wednesday of each month. Booking deadline is 4 weeks beforehand
2.5 hour class (19:00-21:30)

CARD & (YOUR) CUPPA FOR CHILDREN – will hopefully be running again during the school holidays in 2021.
1.5 hour class (10:30-12:00)

Dates are subject to change due to holiday, public holidays, illness etc.


If you can’t attend the date of the planned ZOOM session, this isn’t a problem. You can still book onto the class, receive the kit, and make the project(s) when you can.

Depending on the class, you’ll either receive a link to a short video taking you through how to make each project, or written instructions.

The video/instructions will be sent to you after the class has taken place.


Please note that Kits won’t include full 12×12 items due to the cost of postage.

Also, Royal Mail are increasing their prices from January 2021, so items will always be sent 2nd class (where possible).


The following are trials I am considering. NONE of these have been put in place.

– For evening classes where only 2 or three people have booked (ie we haven’t reached the minimum number of attendees), I’m looking at trialling a possible pre-recorded only session.

Instead of a live ZOOM class, I’ll pre-record a short instruction video for you to use to complete the projects in your own time.

– Sending full sheets of cardstock for you to cut your own bases and layers.

– For those who wish to collect their EVENING Class packs from me (excludes Card & Your Cuppa Catch-up), I will provide an extra 1/4 reel ribbon (approx 2.25 metres) or 2.5 metres Twine/Thread or 1/2 pack embellishments in your class kits as a thank you. Please note, socially distanced doorstep collection will only be an option if Government Guidelines allow for this to happen.

– An extra class each month (evening/weekend), but I’m still not sure what that will be.


Head to my Class Timetable for full details of upcoming classes and booking information.

Booking terms and conditions can be found here.