COVID-19 (Nails)

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my nail business is currently closed until further notice.
I hope to be able to provide you with pretty nails again once this is over.
Take care and stay safe
Karen x


COVID-19 – Update 13th July 2020

 Nail services are being allowed to re-open from today.
As I’m mobile, I will not be re-opening for the moment.
I currently don’t feel comfortable going into someone else’s home and potentially multiple homes in a day to perform a face-to-face service. This is even with additional safety measures and training, over and above my usual strict disinfecting, sanitising and sterilising routines.
As everyone’s home is different, I don’t know where I will be performing services and the surroundings. If I was in a permanent salon, it would be easier for me to control the environment everyone would use.
There is also extra PPE now required for services, for both me and clients.
Lots of us donated our PPE to the NHS and other key workers as their need was rightly much higher than ours. However, we are now unable to replenish some items due to supply issues or the ridiculously high prices.
I hope you understand my decision and realise that the safety of myself and my clients is the driving factor. I do not want to put anyone at risk.
Please continue to stay safe.

Karen Young HIPPOFROG Designs

Even though nails aren’t currently happening, I’ve still got my craft classes and Stitched, by Karen strands of HIPPOFROG Designs running.

Please see this post from earlier in the year for a bit more context.