New Class Booking System

This page will give you information on why I chose to move systems, and a step-by-step guide on how to book your place using the new system.

How to book a place on a class.
The screens you’ll see (please note that these screenshots are from a laptop, the layout may differ slightly using a mobile or tablet, but the steps are the same)

On the Class Timetable page, click on the Class Booking link (right-hand side) .
You can also click HERE

This will take you to my HIPPOFROG Designs Booking Page where you’ll see the various classes you can book.
You might need to scroll down on the right-hand side to see all of the classes available.

Select the class you want to book. It goes green when you have selected it.

If you want a bit more information about each class, click on the ‘i’ and you’ll see something like this. Click on ‘OK’ to close the information box.

Select the date you would like.
If you try and select a date that is not available for a class, you will receive a message.

If a date is black, it is available for booking. If it is grey, it’s unavailable.
When you have selected your required date from the valid options, it will go green.

Select the time of the class on the right-hand side.
It will go green when it has been selected.

Enter your Name and Email Address (I’ve entered mine as an example).

Press the green ‘Book’ button.

You’ll see the following message.
Click OK.

‘Reschedule’, ‘Cancel booking’ and ‘New booking’ buttons

Once you’ve clicked OK, you’ll then be given ‘Reschedule’, Cancel Booking’ and New Booking’ options.

Clicking on the Green ‘Reschedule’ button takes you to this screen.
You can then select a different date etc.
When you have finished making your changes, click on the green ‘Update booking’ button.

Clicking on the ‘New booking’ button takes you back to the HIPPOFROG Designs Booking Page where you can create another booking.

Clicking on the green ‘Cancel Booking’ button gives you this message.
Click the green ‘Cancel booking’ button to confirm.

When you have clicked ‘Cancel booking’, you will see the following message.

The confirmation emails you’ll receive

When you make a booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email
My TOP TIP would be to create a folder in your email where you put all of your confirmation emails. That way, they will all be in one place and you’ll be able to find them easily if you need to amend your booking in any way.

This is the bottom of the message and provides additional information.
This one is for Card & Cuppa, the content for different classes will vary.
You’ll see that you have the option to manage your booking from within the confirmation email.
This gives you the same options as before.

Cancellation email

If you cancel your booking, you will receive the following email showing the booking crossed out.

Other emails

You’ll receive reminder emails from the system at various points, depending on the class.

Card & Cuppa attendees will receive a reminder 72 hours beforehand.
If you have booked onto Card & Cuppa less than 72 hours beforehand, you will obviously not receive this reminder email.
Papercrafting attendees will receive a payment reminder 2 weeks beforehand and a message with all the class details 3-7 days before the class.
Card & Cuppa PLUS and BYO Stamps will receive a reminder too (timings tbc)

Why the change?

I was previously using Mailchimp for my Class bookings. Attendees had to use two different booking forms based on if they were booking for Card & Cuppa Classes or Papercrafting Classes.

Due to the limitations of the Mailchimp system, I had to do a lot of work behind the scenes to make the emails do what I wanted them to do.

The Mailchimp system has been starting to get rather clunky too.

Why Microsoft Bookings

I’ve looked at LOTS of different systems in my search over the past 4/5 months.

Microsoft Bookings has come out on top as it is more flexible than all of the other systems.

Bookings for all classes can be done from the one system. It’s also a lot more user-friendly.

There is also a Class Booking update coming to Microsoft Bookings (it was due November 2019!), and this should make things even easier.

Why now?

I have had some regular bookers testing the system and I was planning on launching in March.

Due to some very strange issues with the Mailchimp system, I’ve decided to move across to Microsoft Bookings a month early.

This may mean that there are a few teething problems along the way, but I’m not anticipating anything drastic!