Face coverings – How to fit your nose wire

Your face covering has arrived with a pipe cleaner to use as a nose wire. This nose wire fits into the channel at the top of the face covering and is fitted as follows:


Bend your pipe cleaner in half and twist the two ends together – start from the bend end and twist towards the free ends of the pipe cleaner


Work out how long you want your nose wire to be by lining it up against the nose wire channel. I made mine around 12cm.
If you prefer a shorter nose wire to fit just across your bridge, fold it in half again, or cut it to length. The length and thickness is entirely up to you.

Fold over the excess and twist the ends in tightly
If you prefer, you can cut the end of the pipe cleaner to slightly longer than you need – just be careful of sharp edges and then bend the excess over and twist in tightly to hide the cut ends




When you are happy that the pipe cleaner is the right length, insert it into the nose wire channel

Mould the wire to your face as needed when you put the face covering on.

You can wash your face covering with the wire inside (make sure you pop it in a wash bag to avoid it getting tangled in the washing machine). but please note that the wire may rust over time.
This is why the wire is not sewn into the face covering and can easily be replaced as and when needed.