I’ll be back…

I wanted to give you all an update on where things are.

As you will know from my previous post, we lost my Dad to COVID on 9th January. On Thursday, we had his funeral and were able to lay him to rest.

Not only have we been dealing with socially distanced logistics, during this time, me and my husband have both had COVID which meant we also had to isolate.

We are only just getting back to full health after our first symptoms nearly six weeks ago. Thankfully, ours were mild cases, but the cough and tiredness have been a huge struggle. Taste and smell are still not back to normal yet either.

With a bereavement and illness at the same time during a pandemic, it’s taking me a while to process everything.

I’m therefore going to take next week (w/c 15th Feb) for myself and try and spend some time in my craft room.

All things being well, Card & Cuppa should return on 22nd Feb.

Thank you for your lovely messages during this time, they have been a great help.

Stay safe

Karen Young HIPPOFROG Designs