3 years…

It’s now three years since I took my voluntary severance package and I have no regrets (year 1 reflection, year 2 reflection). All I see is huge positives. These past three years have flown by and I’m loving life.

I’m still achieving my goal of not working for anyone else and am still enjoying being my own boss.

My craft business is continuing to give me lots of joy and I love teaching my regular weekly and monthly classes.

I’ve also just fulfilled an ambition I’ve had for a number of years and completed courses in manicure and pedicure, so a new chapter in my life is beginning.

3 years on. New chapter in life. Exciting times ahead. HIPPOFROG Designs with Karen Young

My second business as a mobile nail technician will be launching tomorrow (nicely manicured fingers crossed) and I’m filled with excitement about it. Two businesses where I get to unleash my creative side, what’s not to love?

Even thought I’m now running two businesses, stress levels are a thing of the past. Yes, it can still be stressful at times, but I deal with things in a very different way to when I was in a an environment contending with office politics, unnecessary meetings, egos and more.

I have much more mental energy to positively deal with what I can control, and also try not to worry about things that I can’t. Just a small part of the important ‘taking care of me’ process – something we woefully neglect until we are in a situation where it is desperately needed, rather than little and often.

Another part of the very important ‘taking care of me’ process is that this year I’ve also finally been diagnosed with migraines. I’ve always experienced bad headaches, that I assumed were migraines, but never been officially diagnosed. Every month a migraine was wiping me out for 36-48 hours, plus the fuzzy ‘hangover’ feeling once the pain has gone. Thankfully, the Doctor agreed and prescribed me a Triptan for when they strike.

I can honestly say that this little 2.5mg drug has changed my life. My migraine goes within a few hours of taking it and I can get back to ‘normal’.

No more having to postpone or not attend events, or attend and not be firing on all cylinders. I’ve no idea how I used to carry on working at my desk without taking numerous sick days when I was in an office.

So, now that several things are under control, I’m ready to make this chapter really exciting and smash a few more goals.


Two years on

This post is a little different to usual as today marks two years since I began my new adventures after being made redundant.

Although I’d been running my own craft business in my spare time since 2000, it was 2 years ago when it became a new adventure for me as I decided to make it my main focus.

Say Yes to New Adventures

If I hadn’t taken the severance package, in around 6 weeks time, I would have been celebrating 25 years working at the organisation – that’s over half of my entire life and is quite a scary prospect.

Last year, I wrote this post reflecting on the first year and once again I’m sharing my thoughts…


My job is no longer spending time in unnecessary meetings

My job is no longer listening to office politics

My job is no longer writing and running code for analysis.

My job is being a business owner of my own company HIPPOFROG Designs as an Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator

My job is more than just stamping, sticking things together and selling beautiful products

My job is being creative every day

My job is sharing my creative ideas with others at regular craft classes

My job is showing people how to create beautiful things no matter what their level of ability

My job is creating a fun and relaxed environment for people to craft in

My job is inspiring others to create their own projects

My job is teaching people new techniques

My job is seeing children proudly showing off the projects I’ve taught them to make

My job is watching people’s crafting confidence grow each week

My job is mentoring team members

My job is celebrating successes

My job is providing a level of customer service you won’t find at the chain stores

My job is seeing the look on someone’s face when they stamp something for the first time

My job is supporting other local businesses

My job is seeing people discover a love of stamping and papercrafting

My job is watching the friendships of attendees develop at classes over the weeks

My job is seeing those who wouldn’t normally socialise attend classes every week

My job is supporting local charities

My job is meeting like-minded people from all over the world

My job is swearing at my tax return every year

My job is having the opportunity to earn incentives every year, including an all expenses paid trip for two

My job is setting my own goals and working to achieve them

My job is having flexibility when needed

My job is loving Mondays

My job isn’t really a job at all as I’m sharing what I love to do.


Although I work mostly from home, I haven’t turned into a domestic goddess (nor do I think I ever will!)  I have, however, baked more cakes than ever and rediscovered my sewing machine.  I’m also a very good wife-cab for when my husband needs taking or picking up from the train station!

Most importantly, over these two years I’ve discovered who and what are most important to me.  The benefits are that I’m happy, much more relaxed and I love what I do.

I know that following my heart and head was the best and right decision.  I’ve been writing new life chapters on my new adventures and am looking forward to the coming years…

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