3 years…

It’s now three years since I took my voluntary severance package and I have no regrets (year 1 reflection, year 2 reflection). All I see is huge positives. These past three years have flown by and I’m loving life.

I’m still achieving my goal of not working for anyone else and am still enjoying being my own boss.

My craft business is continuing to give me lots of joy and I love teaching my regular weekly and monthly classes.

I’ve also just fulfilled an ambition I’ve had for a number of years and completed courses in manicure and pedicure, so a new chapter in my life is beginning.

3 years on. New chapter in life. Exciting times ahead. HIPPOFROG Designs with Karen Young

My second business as a mobile nail technician will be launching tomorrow (nicely manicured fingers crossed) and I’m filled with excitement about it. Two businesses where I get to unleash my creative side, what’s not to love?

Even thought I’m now running two businesses, stress levels are a thing of the past. Yes, it can still be stressful at times, but I deal with things in a very different way to when I was in a an environment contending with office politics, unnecessary meetings, egos and more.

I have much more mental energy to positively deal with what I can control, and also try not to worry about things that I can’t. Just a small part of the important ‘taking care of me’ process – something we woefully neglect until we are in a situation where it is desperately needed, rather than little and often.

Another part of the very important ‘taking care of me’ process is that this year I’ve also finally been diagnosed with migraines. I’ve always experienced bad headaches, that I assumed were migraines, but never been officially diagnosed. Every month a migraine was wiping me out for 36-48 hours, plus the fuzzy ‘hangover’ feeling once the pain has gone. Thankfully, the Doctor agreed and prescribed me a Triptan for when they strike.

I can honestly say that this little 2.5mg drug has changed my life. My migraine goes within a few hours of taking it and I can get back to ‘normal’.

No more having to postpone or not attend events, or attend and not be firing on all cylinders. I’ve no idea how I used to carry on working at my desk without taking numerous sick days when I was in an office.

So, now that several things are under control, I’m ready to make this chapter really exciting and smash a few more goals.